Dental (website) pain relief

Over the years we have come across the following situations with our prospective dental clients, which left untreated can lead to a whole lot of painful problems such as loss of potential fee revenue and cashflow holes that need filling!

  • Pain 1 : You have appointed a web designer, but he can’t move forward with your site until you specify all the buttons and pages you would like, as for the text, the web guy does not have a clue about dentistry, so it’s back on your neck to write the text.
    We prepare most of the text for you, so you only have to make minor changes to our standard pages.
  • Pain 2 : You don’t have any decent photos and the ones the web guy has come up with are totally irrelevant, no one wants to see a picture of a tooth fairy and as for the photo of the drill, that will just scare the customers!
    > We have access to literally 1000′s of high quality dental photographs. Please click here to access the photo library we use.
  • Pain 3 : My friend who has a large Harley Street Practice, recommended his London Design Agency, all looks good apart from the £3,000 price tag.
    Our package price is £450+VAT (or £425+VAT if paid up front)
  • Pain 4 : I had my website done a while back, I’m happy with it, but every time I ask to make a minor change to the site the designer charges me a fortune even for a little tweek.
    > Using our online system, you can make changes easily yourself 24 hours a day COMPLETELY FREE!
  • Pain 5 : I don’t have a website at all and don’t have the foggiest idea how to get one sorted, but I know I should, as I need to top up my income with some more Private patients and sell additional treatments.
    > Our knowledgeable staff can take you through the process painlessly with our “No Problem” approach to dental web design.


Still not convinced?

We’re so sure you will be happy with the service we provide, we’re willing to give you a FREE trial for you to view online before committing.

Please fill in the FREE trial form and we will prepare you a sample web page with the proposed colour style, layout and menu structure we would recommend for your practice. There is no obligation or cost for this should you not wish to proceed any further.